The council of town development along with Sen nen Sango

What is Sen nen Sango(Millennium Coral)?

Kobuhama Coral, Porites lutea, has been growing in the inlet of Mugiohshima, Mugi-cho, a town situated in the southern part of Tokushima prefecture since more than a thousand years ago. Local people love this coral nicknaming it as “Millennium Coral”. The coral spreads its roots on the sea bed at a depth of 23m, and takes an upright posture like a Christmas tree. The height is about 9m, the outer perimeter is about 30m, and the age is thought to be far more than a thousand years. It can be one of the biggest and oldest corals in the world.


Preservation activity

With the help of volunteer divers from in/outside of the prefecture, the prevention activity is carried out by getting rid of crown-of-thorns starfish and conch that eat corals. This activity started in 2009, when a huge outbreak of crown-of-thorns starfish occurred. A certain result has been confirmed like a decrease in the number of the starfish, etc. and a recovery of coral community.


Environmental research

Aging of the coral and creature around it are being studied by setting a fixed investigation spot based on Millennium Coral. This research started in 2014. Although the coral community was badly damaged by crown-of-thorns starfish, etc., new born babies of the coral have recently been observed. Seeing their growth encourages us a lot as well as the old Millennium Coral staying healthy.


Development of the Next Generation

Targeting the children who will bear the next generation, mainly from Mugi elementary school in the community, we are providing education on environments and encouraging them to become the members, including volunteer divers, who will take care of the rich natural environment around the Mugiohshima Marine Park including Millennium Coral in the future.


Town development

Through creating the attractive feature of Mugi making use of nature, we are proceeding with the activities that revitalize the community.

  • Sales of “Millennium Coral” related goods
  • Registration of “Millennium Coral” as a trademark
  • Issuance of local community currency: Sango coupons